The "creation' of Krakatoa is currently unknown to us. This is because during the 1883 eruption the volcano blew itself up, destroying many ways of telling how old the volcano is. We do however know that there have been eruptions as early as 416 A.D.. All that is noted about this early eruption is a thundering noise and a fiery glow in the sky. The next eruption in history occured in 535 A.D.. We know that there was an eruption at this time because there has been charcoal made around this time near the volcano.  This eruption is supected to have been responsible for global climate changes at that time.  The next eruption took place in 1680. This eruption was described by a minor exploring the island as "the moutain throwing up chunks of fire".  The last and most destructive eruption took place in 1883, this was the second largst eruption in the history of the world. This eruption caused the temparature to drop by 1.2 degrees celsius. This eruption caused a "pyroclastic flow" (see critical thinking)  that is suspected to have killed 120.000 people. Krakatoa was apart of a chain of volcanoes, but in it's 1883 eruption it destroyed 2/3 of the island it was on, so it stands alone. Krakatoa is currently an active volcano that has small rumblings and eruptions but none as big as the 1883 eruptions. Krakatoa is under constant watch for eruptions that might happen soon. Compared to other volcanoes Krakatoa was more dangerous than all previously, but currently Krakatoa is isolated from civilization.